This is my webpage for things done as Homework Party. It's a place to collect things I make. The project is about setting deadlines and getting things done.

Download my Cover of the TMBG song "Thermostat"! As heard on the This Might Be a Podcast episode with Juiie Klausner

Bandcamp! (I guess I'll try to get money for music at some point?)

Tracks I have on Comps! (Bandcamp playlists aren't public so here's search. I am 90% of these)

Homework Party Tumblr! My old Tumblr.

PhoneSongs! Here are a bunch of songs I recorded onto my voicemail in my car from 2006-2008.

World Travels Stories! My travelogue Tumblr.

World Travels Map and Photos! My travel map with links to flickr photos.

Soundcloud! (in the meantime, have some free music)

Snapchat! I made a bunch of Snapchat lenses during the pandemic that used to work with Snap Camera on Zoom, but snap camera got deactivated because capitalism.

TMBP! Recently I've been making covers of TMBG songs for the "This Might Be a Podcast" Podcast. You can hear some of my songs near the ends of episodes 218, 219, 220, 224, and 228.

Check Out Partybaby on vine!

Albums: These are links to zip files to download albums. Maybe you have that capability? I dunno, I gotta get out of web 1.0.